Sunday, November 28, 2004

PDdemo interface developed

In order to provide a independent component that implements the Polygon Detection algorithm (see paper "Polygon Detection from a Set of Lines") , as well as a platform for testing it we are currently developing in C++ the PDlib library and the PDdemo application. Today we finished the first version of the test application. This version comprises only the user interface with a few functionalities but does not include the detection algorithm yet. PDdemo ver. 0.1 is available for dowload here.

Screenshot of PDdemo

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Deployment of AFJ's PhD Blog

This blog was launched today with the intend to report in detail every step made during my PhD thesis. However, I haven't started to work specificaly in my PhD because I am reviewing my master thesis dissertation.
Therefore, most of the next posts will be about my MsC instead of my PhD. Nevertheless, they are closely related and some research done in the MsC will be studied more deeply during the PhD.