Monday, June 23, 2008

Tapada Nacional de Mafra

This weekend we went to the Tapada Nacional de Mafra and spent a quite pleasant time there. My son just loved to chase deers...

Chasing a deer...

The deer stops and looks back. Probably it is time to return.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Kindergarten party

Last Tuesday I went to my son's kindergarten end-of-year party. It was a very special afternoon. Both for him and for us.

Tiago playing his role in the "recycle theater"

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Annecy 2008

After the SBIM'08 workshop and during the last day of the Annecy Animation Film Festival, Saturday, I used some spare time to enjoy the city and its surroundings. In my rollerblades I went to Duingt, a small town in the left margin of the lake, a dozen kilometers south of Annecy. It was a quite pleasant trip in a cycleway by the lake. During that day I rollerbladed more than forty kilometers, the longest distance I have ever ride in a single day. But the conditions for that were great. If you're planning to visit Annecy I strongly recommend to consider taking your bike or skates with you. It's worthy.

Rollerblading in Annecy (France) surroundings

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Last week I've been in the fifth Eurographics workshop on sketch-based interfaces and modeling (SBIM'08). The workshop took place during the famous Annecy Animation Film Festival and was held together with the premier conference for techniques in expressive rendering and animation: the non photo realistic animation and rendering conference (NPAR'2008).

At the SBIM'08, I presented our more recent work on sketch based modeling (see paper "Using Sketches and Retrieval to Create LEGO Models"). The LSketchIt is a calligraphic tool for creating LEGO models that uses sketches and retrieval to ease and speed up the modeling process. Check out LSketchIt working in the demonstration video below.

LSketchIt demonstration video

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Deleting VirusScan Enterprise quarantine files

I am using the Networks Associate VirusScan Enterprise 8.0 with patch 10 and found out that it was using more than 400MB to store the quarantined files. Version 8.5 provides a tool that allows users to manage these files, the Quarantine Manager. However, version 8.0 don't have such tool and I was not even able to manually delete the corresponding ".Vir" files, since they were locked by the application.

Fortunately, I found a solution to overcome this problem in the McAfee Support Forums. Indeed it is quite simple.To delete files in the Quarantine directory, on must disable the On-Access Scanner, and delete the file. After that it is important to remember to enable it again. Although it can be done using GUI, I present bellow the corresponding console commands:

% cd \quarantine
% net stop mcshield
% del *.Vir
% net start mcshield