Thursday, October 27, 2005

Backing Up MSDN CD's

Today I need to return the MSDN CD's  with  Visual Studio .NET and libraries to IST computer and network services (CIIST). Thus, I decided to make a backup copy in order to have some indepence from the CIIST when the MSDN disks are necessary to install or update something in my computer, which occurs frequently.

I get some empty CD's and started the copy proccess. However, despite my attempts to write at the maximum recording speed (48×), the writing took always about twenty minutes by CD. When I verified the writing speed I noticed that it were 4×.

During the duplication of the last CD, I started labeling the new discs. Then I discovered why the copy was taking so much time. Instead of CD-R discs, I am using CD-RW discs "compatible 1×, 2× & 4×". Damn!!! How can such detail get unnoticed!?

Conclusion: a task that should take a few minutes, consumed more than one hour plus the time I spent trying to "fix" the problem. At least I made some bibliographic research while backing up the CD's.

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