Monday, September 17, 2007

Running programs does not appear in XP taskbar

I have no idea why, but the XP taskbar of my TabletPC stop showing the list of running programs. Surprisingly, this is a quite annoying failure, making it hard for me to continue working without solving this problem.

After a few searches on the internet, I found out that this is not supposed to happen. Thus, since there are no way to turn off the running programs listing, there are no obvious way to turn this feature on.

Fortunately, I found a solution at Kelly's Korner, where Kelly Theriot, a Microsoft MVP has a set of tweaks. A VBScript that will change the registry to reset the properties of the XP taskbar is available on the tweaks page, item #240, referred as "Programs Aren't Minimized in the Taskbar". It worked fine for me. The "running programs" area returned to my taskbar and I just needed to restore the personalized settings.

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