Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Disjoint component identification

Within my PhD work I developed a small prototype that identifies disjoint components on 3D meshes. The "Disjoint Component Detector" takes as input an OFF file and can produce three distinct outputs. It can create a VRML file with the model colorized according to the detected disjoint components. It can create a set of OFF files, containing each one of them a single component. Or it can write a text file describing the disjoint components detection results. If interested in try it, you can download the current stable version of the prototype [ZIP 143KB].

Ant model from PSB with disjoint components identified.

This simple prototype provides a straightfoward method to identify segments in some models from the PSB collection, since they are already coded with disjoint segments.

Identifying segments using disjoint components in a model from PSB.

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