Friday, December 03, 2004

Gathering requirements from mould industry

My PhD work is integrated in the EuroTooling21 project, which aims to improve competitiveness in European Mouldmaking and Special Tooling Industry.

Today I attended my first meetings within the EuroTooling21 project. These meetings were held in Marinha Grande on two distinct mould industry companies. There we performed a preliminary task analysis and gathered overall user requirements.

Besides users from the mould industry, other researchers from computer sciences and mechanics department from Instituto Superior T├ęcnico and developers from Partner Solutions participate in these meetings. Thus, it was possible to know our closer partners within the EuroTooling21 project in person, providing a good chance to strengthen the relationships. Additionally, we perform task assignment and definition of next steps.

I consider these meetings as the kick-off for my PhD thesis, since I do nothing until now. Therefore, in my point of view I started my PhD on December 3rd, 2004. Let's see how my work goes from here....