Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A long lasting bug was solved!

Since the beginning of the QiQA prototype development I have been battling with a weird problem. The application just ended unexpectedly while processing some drawings during database building. However, I never had the opportunity to study this problem properly. Instead I choose to skip the problematic drawings, flagging them as "nor processable".

Fortunately, thanks to recent improvements in the feature extraction algorithms, the drawing processing is much faster than before (at least ten times faster). Thus, I decided to focus on the above referred problem.

After identifying a drawing that triggers the above referred error, I patiently started to debug the code. After several boring hours of detailed analysis, I finally found the portion of the code that causes this damned error.

Code exit point.

It was during the access to a list within the CALI code, developed by Manuel João da Fonseca. When the given index value is outside the valid bounds, this library simply calls the C++ "exit" function. And that's it. But why and when does this happen? During the computation of convex hull of the "CIScribble".

The source of the problem

Indeed, it seems to be missing a test in the "while" sentence, which allows a variable with a unacceptably low value to be used as index to access a list. Therefore, for now the solution was just adding a test to the "while" test expression and voilá... it works fine.

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