Monday, February 18, 2008

OFFtoVRLM v0.2 released

After a couple of changes, this prototype is now able to generate VRML code with explicit edges and showing both vertex and face normal for models with a large number of triangles. For instance, the Stanford Bunny with 70K polygons is processed in less then ten seconds, generating a 16.5MB VRML file containing the mesh and showing its convex hull, bounding box and sphere, polygon edges and normals at faces and vertices. A larger file, the 345K polygons Armadillo, is processed in around fifty seconds, generating a 70MB VRML file.

For illustration purposes we processed the 'Dino' model from AIM@SHAPE shape repository. It has around 50K polygons and below I show a couple of snapshots of the resulting VRLM model, containing normals and explicit edges.

The current stable version of the prototype is available for download [ZIP 118KB].

VRML model of 'Dino'

Close-up illustrating the normals and polygon edges

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